Acid/chemical resistant and non-porous solid laboratory counter top; black
Epoxy enamel coated steel exterior casing
Chemical resistant and fire retardant fibreglass resin interior casing
Chemical resistant fibreglass resin front panel and baffles
Adjustable safety sash tempered glass door
Chemical and impact resistant base cabinet with 2-swing doors

  • 1-Vapor proof lamp fixture with fluorescent lighting
  • 1-Chemical resistant gooseneck water faucet with removable serrated nozzle
  • 1-Chemical resistant fibreglass resin cup-sink with trap and drain fittings
  • 1-Heavy duty electrical/utility outlet 220V AC
  • 1-Control switch with illumination for blower and light
  • 1-Motor blower assembly with 1/2HP TEFC motor, 1725 rpm, 220V with corrosion resistant fibreglass
  • housing, impeller fan and steel base
  • 1-Fibreglass ductworks, 8” diameter with 1-duct, 1-elbow and 1-weather cap