Shimadzu provides a broad range of analytical instruments indispensable for research, development, and quality control in a variety of fields. Our high-level, sophisticated instruments include chromatographs, spectrometers, and elemental and surface analysis systems. We also provide a broad range of high-precision physical testing and measuring technology that is essential for product development and quality assurance.

The TX/TXC series incorporates a one piece aluminum alloy mass sensor technology (UniBloc) first introduced by Shimadzu for preci-sion balances in 1989. It excels in performance, resists deteriora-tion and damage by ordinary impacts.

The most user-friendly user balance, excellent durability, useful functions, weigh and record in the field.

The Shimadzu BW-K/BX-K Precision Platform balances have been engineered with the innovative UniBloc mechanism. Powerful features support any imaginable weighing application.

The MOC63u moisture balance analyzer adapts to various materials and increases your work efficiency. With features, halogen heater, built-in usb support and windows direct

AU Series
AU models are the newest single-range analytical balances engineered with the UniBloc technology. This provides fast response and superb stability in a 0.1mg analytical balance. Various applications functions, two models of fully automatic calibration and back lit display support any imaginable requirements.