Architect i1000SR

True Family Commonality

  • The ARCHITECT il0O0SR exemplifies the design philosophy of the ARCHITECT family of analyzers
  • Identical CHEMIFLEX technology, 100 test kit reagents, assay protocols and consumables
  • Identical ARCHITECT software
  • Identical universal ARCHITECT sample carrier

The benefits: equivalent patient results across all ARCHITECT immunoassay instruments and a simple, consistent user experience

Enhanced System and Assay Dynamics

  • CHEMIFLEX technology with flexible assay protocols provides excellent low-end sensitivity and expanded dynamic ranges
  • New patented wash cup design and wash algorithm effectively control sample carryover ( Pressure differential technology enables detection of clots, bubbles and insufficient sample volume to reduce analytical error and improve patient safety

The benefits: certainty and confidence in the clinical results

Integration Without Compromise

  • Designed for integration with the c4OOO chemistry analyzer -> ci410O
  • Fast STATs: The ARCHITECT Robotic Sample Handler (RSH) provides “load on the fly” continuous access to both
  • reagents and samples and allows the lab to prroritize tests through customizable priority bays

The benefits: handle the most urgent samples first without compromising your routine testing